Yamafuda Sentai Lucky V is a sentai series made by the wikiman guy who also made a bunsch of pr designs. Kinda like a tribute to JAQK.

Characters Edit

Lucky Yellow - wears the power of the lightning heart

Lucky Red - wears the power of the fire ace

Lucky Blue - wears the power of the water diamond

Lucky Green - wears the power of the earth clover

Lucky Quartz - wears the power of the Joker and is a chinese lion slash oni monk

Arsenal Edit

Lucky Morpher - "Whenever you're ready!" "Lightning!/Fire!/Water!/Earth"

Secret Technique Cards

-Lucky Bladegun

Mecha Edit

Lucky Machine System (LMSYS)

Lucky Cheetah - Yellow's Lucky Machine, a Cheetah.

Lucky Roader - Red's Lucky Machine, a Car.

Lucky Dragon - Blue's Lucky Machine, a Chinese Dragon.

Lucky Fighter - Green's Lucky Machine, a Humanoid Robot.