Kamen Rider that is basically the Ultraman Orb/Geed of Kamen Rider.

Powers are the following Edit

He fuses powers from one of 15 Showa Riders (Ichigo to J) plus one from 15 Heisei Riders (Kuuga to Gaim). Each of thses fifteen fusions have a particular set of powers.

He utilizes a Driver that has the funcionalities of the Ixa Driver (Kiva) and the Double Driver (W).

Details Edit

The Combo System

  • A "Dual Cross" occurs when this Kamen Laida merges two Riders' respective powers, and it results in a "Ride Combo" (lifted from OOO).
  • There are three types of Ride Combos
  • "Analog Cross", so-named after the union a Showa Rider and it's Heisei Analogue (i.e. Ichigou and Kuuga, Nigou and Agito, V3 and Ryuki, and so on).
  • "Power Cross", consisting of the union of two riders (one heisei and one showa) that share a theme (e.g. Fourze with Super-1, Kabuto with Stronger, etc.)

List Edit

  • Ichigo + Kuuga
  • Nigo + Agito
  • V3 + Ryuki
  • Riderman + Faiz
  • X + Blade
  • Amazon + Hibiki
  • Stronger + Kabuto
  • Skyrider + Den-O
  • Super-1 + Kiva
  • ZX + Decade
  • Black + W
  • Black RX + OOO
  • Shin + Fourze
  • ZO + Wizard
  • J + Gaim