Starting Station: Ticket to the Past is the first episode of the fantoku show Shin Ressha Sentai ToQger Omega.

Part 0: The Resshas are Scattered. Edit

Year 2005. Two humanoid monsters meet on a cargo dock. One of them is a white monster, with a head similar to that of an eagle and wings made of wax and feathers, bearing an armor of dark blue and gold; he is known as Eaglos. The other is a black-colored creature, with two golden horns on each side of its head and a rather ugly face with a menacing look in his golden-colored eyes, bearing a black-and-gold colored armor; he calls himself Dartaurus. These two are about to start the domination of the world, but they needed one thing to begin such plans. However...

-"Hello, Dartaurus." Eaglos greets his fellow monster, holding a small, steam-train-like object in his left hand.

-"What is it, Eaglos?" Dartaurus asks Eaglos.

-"I have my part of the deal, as promised." Eaglos reports to the horned creature.

-"Ah, yes, the deal." Dartaurus says, remembering the deal these two made before. He then asks, "What do you have?"

Eaglos then brings out the train-like object, which is the Chrono Ressha, ready to give it to Dartaurus. The Chrono Ressha is one of the thirty Power Resshas, small train-like devices which have untold power each.

"I have this, the Chrono Ressha." Eaglos informs Dartaurus while handing him the Chrono Ressha. "I suppose I have to hand it to you."

"Thank you, Eaglos." -The taurus-esque creature thanks his bird-like comrade as he recieves the Chrono Ressha from Eaglos' hands, before adding, "With this, we have gathered all thirty Power Resshas."

"Now, what's next, Dartaurus? -Eaglos asks Dartaurus, awaiting new orders from him.

"Scatter the other Power Resshas away from the reach of the people of the world." -Dartaurus instructs his peer, giving a bag with 29 small train items similar in design to the Chrono Ressha. He then declares, "I'll keep the Chrono Ressha, so don't worry about that. Now, go!"

"Right away." -Eaglos replies, ready to comply with Dartaurus' order. Before leaving, he tells the bull-esque creature, "I'll be back soon".

Eaglos then starts flying at high speed, flapping his wings of wax and feather accross the nightsky. As Dartaurus patiently waits, Eaglos flies above the skies of the world, scattering these Power Resshas across the world, making sure that each one of these Resshas are all out of human's reach.

"There!" -Eaglos shouts in throwing away one of the Resshas.

After scattering the remaining 29 Resshas, Eaglos returns to the dock, landing on his feet while holding the now empty bag that Dartaurus handed him earlier.

"All done, Dartaurus." -Eaglos says to Dartaurus, handing the empty bag to the ox-like monster.

"Good job." -Dartaurus greets his bird-like comrade as he looks to the empty bag, before adding, "And now, we wait for the Emperor to find them".

"Well, then." -Eaglos asks the black-and-gold creature, "Now, shall we start ruling the world for eternity?

"Yes, Eaglos." -Dartaurus replies, "Here is where darkness will dominate the world and demonstrate its absolute power."

Eaglos and Dartaurus then start chanting together, "Shadow Line, stand up! You may start ruling the planet with the power of darkness!"

After the chant, a giant castle rises from the ocean, knocking several boats and ships out. Dartaurus and Eaglos watch from the distance.

"Yes!" -Eaglos says gleefully as he watches the castle, which is known as the "Shadow Terminal".

Part 1: Suddenly in ruins. Edit

A man, donning a red suit with white gloves and boots and bearing a white "1" on the left side of his chest and wearing a helmet fashioned after a steam train with a silver train track wrapped around it, is seen fighting against a monster with a saber that bears a railtrack design in its blade.

"You will never get with your ways!" -The man tells the monster, before letting out a karate yell while charging against the monster with his sword.

"Try harder, punk!" -The monster replies, not caring about the man's warnings.

Ichigo tries hitting the monster with his sword and kicking it, but the monster isn't taking much damage. Soon, the strange creature prepares to punch the man.

"Take this!" -The monster shouts as he throws a powerful punch to the warrior in red in the chest.

The man in red is knocked away by the punch, and as he yells out of pain, he falls to the ground. His sword, fallen from the man's hands as he flew away, is now out of his reach.

"Impossible" -The red man mustered, trying to get up to no avail.

The monster walks towards the weakened warrior as he laughs, ready to finish him off.

"Now to destroy you!" -The monster declares to the man in red, while pronouncing his finisher. -"Hundred-flame Fist!"

The monster's left fist becomes engulfed in flames right after it announced his finisher. The weakened warrior can only watch.

"Noooo!" -The man in red screams in terror.

The monster then throws a punch at the man with his flaming fist. But just then, an alarm starts buzzing.

A man, with //

koichi: masaka what hapend here

kioichi gets up, sees tons of disaster and hakai instead ot the fsfs lusg and beautiful and kawaiiii land of yesterdayden.

koichi: usooo(nowiay)

koichi: bakana, so much hakai

koichi sees pic of the gayest red sentai ranger ever, right ichogo, who is granddad of kyoryukoichi

koichi: i will not let your legacy be in vain, i promise

go go go go go go go go go ichico

save people and peoplre

ichigo: are u ok

ppl: yes, thanks gosei

ichigo: thats good,

emergency ressha comes in

w8, how did emergency ressha, which crosses time, come in 20731 when monster has crono ressha

SUZUKI KOICHI. SUZUKI KOICHI. PLEASE COME 2 TRAIN. a voice comes from megafrone

koichi: sry m8, gta leave

ppl: will u be ok?

koicihi: yes, ill be back

ppr: ganbare ichigo nigo sango yongo gogo koichi san

koichi: arigoato goarisazaimasukuman

enter train, board train


conductor: u must koichikun

koichi: yeo

conductor: koi plz

koichi: yes

koichi boards train, desres something conductor wanrs to show koichi san

let me show u Edit

Shasho: Good morning, Koichi. Congratulations on retrieving the Red Ressha.

koichi: Thank you, Conductor.

sasho: Now, let me show you something.

koichi: fine

shasho: since i know u were the grandchild of smoq ichigo, heres a michon 4 u

koichi: tell me m8

sasssho: 30 power resshas have been scattered ALL OVER THE WORRRRLDD, and you must find them before they fall into the wron hanfs

koichi: ok, but how

sasho: you have to travel the world to retrieve them, and wneh u do, you must give it to me to rplace it on special standroudrd


koichi: got it

TICKETTO: you will not be along in this misschion

koichi: eh?

cnductr: u will be jwork 2gether 2naiit 2eeeeegthertsa by four descendants of the original tocrapgers

koicih: four of 3m? masaka,... saburo, osamu, katsumi and haruka...

conductrse: yes, m8. ill picj that saburo guy up

koicih: ok

artimetto daigoger action

treaisient picks up asian nioah iii

sassccscho: w8 here m8

koichi: k

after a few secondsss

picku ap Edit

broq nigo Edit


saburo sannnnnnnnnnnnjooooooo de gozaru

asian noa: hi k

ko1: saburpo

noah: yup, sassasho toldedm e that we have to retrieve al 30 wingers befreo they fall iunto evil sannse sanssees hands

ko1: naruhodo

noah: iirc, weill pick up the other 3 real lengas to tredtreivrtesdcieve te 30 stuff

koichi: yep, indeedm degpozaru

noah: i had thr sesnisntation

sasaasho comes in

sasho: will stop 4 the sango sango samba

ko1: ok

noah: ok den

trinsa stops 4 pick up stuff

broq sango Edit


osamu sankunchansama sannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjoooooooo


osamu: ohaigo mina

noh: ohaigozamiasu osamusan

ko1: hi

osamusan: noah move it plz

hoan: ook ok ok il move btw hows it goin

osamu: pretty fine

ko1: osamu leme tel u the reason that we are here: were going to retrieve the 30 power resshas to reverse the change from beautiful past to wasteland

osamu: oh, thats neat

broq yongo Edit

The train stops again.


asian noah iii: i wonder if it's hikari iii who's picked up dis time

ko1: how do u know

saisn hoah: idk, i just had le feeling


minoru chan: good morning everyone

osamu: ohaio minorukun

noah: good morningu osamusan

ko1: irashai

minoru: thank you gozaimas, ko1, can u give me seat plz

ko1: oquei, m8

minoru: thx

ko1: lemte tell u about the misschion of ourstachi, so please pay attention

minoru: fine

ko1: we have 2 retirve 30 resshas from evilgangfs

minoru: sounds interesting

koichi: good

train stops

broq gogo Edit


harukachan is sanjou

haruka: good monring

3: ohaioooooo harukachan

harukachan: oh, hi

ko1: welcome aboard, haruka

haruka: domo

sits on alone

noah> erm... kgriii, why u sut alone

minurri: personal shcoiscse

noah: oh isc

noah asian noah: that should be all of them

sasho is in

sasahi: yes this is

le michon Edit

sasashao: ok, now dat ever1 is in assebmel in lessha, i wll giv mission

sanjuu resslasah have to be retrieveed before they fall into evil ands

ko1: there is no reason 2 run since u all tacvhi are descendants ot ftehs amoqgers, and it dont want to dissapoint ge teladay legagacy,

to do so, u will travel back intime to the year 2005

noah: not bad

miojr: kawaii

hirokau: good

miniharuka: shikatanai

ko1: good

sasho: well den, let us travel 2 2005

noa w8 can dhis m8 travel tru teaim?

sashi: yes it does

no: good

sasdhi: alr8 m8 lers8 g8 2 2005



train traves to space and stime aot to say that yur not a paybone onr a draiv eb a a a a

Part 2. The year 2005. Edit

k1: arli m8 lets search 4 tresasah noa that we er

trian taim goes out to surface, ko1 takes stuff w him

ko1: this will allow us to track all the remaining power resshas remaining, as well as tell us the location of the nearbiest resshas in our location

noah: sugoie

stuff tells him that new ressha is here

ko1: alright, there we go 2 ginf dthe ressla

koichi and the guys start lookinf for the ressha, only to a monster to interrupt

monster: ikemasen

ko1: you wqill noe sand in the way of ressha

monster: that whats u think m8. KUROOOOOS

kros here

kros: kro kro... kraaa

ko1: this is it, we have no other chouise but 2 fight

noah: no other choice, then

sasmui: gladly

mianor: if you say so

saki: ok

ko1: yosh ikimas

guys: ok

and so, le toqger tatakai

blue tries with flashy fight style

yellow uses mystic strenght

green tries fi¿ghtigng with elegance

pink uses her own kabyukido

red fight with karate don

its a kinda tough battle, but eventually they get to known out the kros


sit ayá-





the guys weakien the mosnster, but they can't get to fully defeat them

monster: we will see ou again, i will end u next time

ko1: now or later, we will stop you

indeed, they find ressha in show

ko1: there it is, let's go

guys: ok

noah: ok, so dat was kinda weird; we fight monster and henchbgneman with martial arts

osamu: it was real fun

ko1: this is an imoortant aspect of smoqger

noah: y

ko1: cous our ancestors fought the shadow lie, its a thing of legacy and heritage

noah: narehodo

there it ressha

ko1 picks up lessha

o1: ko1 to sasho, got ressha, wasn't easy, but we did it

sasho: bring it over plx now

ko1: ok ... mina, lets go

guys: cool

now back on le trackin

ko1: sasho, sama, here. here is lessha

sasho: good, now, lets go 2 central steichon, take a seat

guys: right

Part 3: Welcome to Headquarters Edit

The toqgers takes seat, as the train goes 2 the centra straletieatioslknhisoahg ando kiiteodoroke

smoqger train arrives on le greand station

toqgers enter station

line pres greets them

pres: Welcome.

koichi: "thx, heres leddo ressha"

pres: good, follow me

pres introduces smoqger the ressha stationary machine

pres: "this will hold the resshas, dyat is untill you call them"

noah: can i try something?

pres: what is it

noah: just want to take the red ressha

pres: take it

noah leats go oh ressha, sees it go to its place

noah: #faschinating

sasho: now, let me tell u what kind of ressha is, its a hennnnshin lresha, they change into a toqgser mode

k1: interesting

sasho: let me use u how 2 hennnnnshin

k1: k

sasho: insert lessha in broqsaachancger and call out TOQ CAHNEGR

ko: ok, leme deminstrare u, watch closely please

henshin itashimas


toq 1goy toq1 igchigou

now koichi is kogtgiager

ko1: now this is how u transform into smoqger. not thsat hard, right

noah: interesting

toq1 unhenshins

cancel trsiansmformadsion henshin

there are more tricks to do with smoqger changer, but we need moar lesshas

guys: ok

ko1: alrightw, theres more resshas to be found, so lets seek for opther resshas

goys: youkai ok

and so, ko1kun and co search for more reslahsasdfgh, even if masdnbfgheioonstetrs are in the wayden

its gon be hard, but it will be good

meanwhile, at evil base Edit

nero: is gud 2 be backu, i must say

schwbavrarussama: indeed

z: cool, but who revived us anyway

dartaurus: it is us who revived u