Shin Ressha Sentai ToQger Omega (新烈車戦隊トッキュウジャーΩ(オメガ) Shin Ressha Sentai Tokkyūjā Omega) is a fantoku season developed by Ethan Q. Elisa as a sequel to Ressha Sentai ToQger, the 38th entry in the Super Sentai Series.

Following a train motif like the original ToQger, this season follows the story of five descendants of the original ToQgers who sent to the year 2005 to defeat a time-traveling evil force bent on conquering the world while collecting the thirty Power Resshas before they fall into the wrond hands.

Plot Edit

In the future, the wonderful world turned into a desolated wasteland in a blink of an eye. Luckily, five young heroes are sent to the past to restore the peace that was taken from them. All aboard!

In the year 2073, the world mysteriously turned from a shining, wonderful place into a deserted, dull wasteland overnight when an evil monster scattered the mysterious 30 Power Resshas all over the world back in the past. To counter this threat, five youths who are descendants of the Ressha Sentai ToQger, who have fought the menacing Shadow Line to bring peace upon the world, are sent to the year 2005 to revert the world of 2073 into the beautiful place that was before.

To succesfully acomplish this mission, these five young spirits have to retrieve all 30 Power Resshas before they fall into their hands; five of these Resshas transform these youths into a new generation of heroes, the ToQgers Omega, who continue the legacy of the original ToQgers. As they fight the revived Shadow Line, these five heroes are joined by new people with the same intentions as these youths: to gather all 30 Power Resshas and destroy the Shadow Line in the name of justice.

Characters Edit

ToQgers OmegaEdit

The descendants of the ToQgers who fended off the Shadow Line. Their mission is to retrieve the 30 Power Resshas scattered all over the world. Unlike their ancestors, they can fight without the need of Imagination.

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Designation Name
ToQ 1gou Koichi Suzuki
ToQ 2gou Saburo Tokashiki
ToQ 3gou Osamu Natsume
ToQ 4gou Daisuke Nomoura
ToQ 5gou Haruka Izumi
ToQ 6gou Sachiko Hidaka
ToQ 7gou Yoshima Norawa
ToQ 8gou Mizuki Kaoruko
ToQ 9gou Ryota Yoshida
ToQ 10gou Akihiro Kobayashi

Allies Edit

They don't have a direct role in fighting the Shadow Line, but they offer assistance to the ToQgers Omega.


Shadow Line Edit

Seemingly defeated at the hands of the original ToQgers, they are revived to wrap the world in darkness, while attemping to recover the 30 Power Resshas before their enemies, the ToQgers Omega, do.

Dartaurus Eagloss

Arsenal Edit

This is the arsenal of the ToQgers, who use it to combat the Shadow Line.

Transformation Devices Edit

  • ToQ Changer Mark III

Multi-Use Devices Edit

Mecha Edit

The Mecha in this series are known as Resshas, train-like machines that double as colossal assault vehicles and the ToQger's transportation method. Some of these Resshas can combine into Ressha Battlebots, while other Resshas can become Ressha Battlebots on their own.


Ressha Battlebot ToQ-Oh

  • Reddo Ressha
  • Blue Tessha
  • Yellow Ressha
  • Green Ressha
  • Pink Ressha

Episodes Edit

Notes Edit

  • The year the ToQgers Omega are sent to, which is 2005, is the same year the Magirangers were active.
    • That same year, the Dino Thunder rangers fouhgt alonside the B-Squad Rangers from SPD for a brief moment.
  • ToQger Omega shares a bunch of similarities with other canon Sentai seasons, Kyoryuger and Dekaranger, when concerning the number of rangers and their respective genders.
    • Like Kyoryuger and Dekaranger, there are 10 active rangers in ToQger Omega: 5 core rangers, 1 sixth ranger and 4 extra rangers.
    • Like Dekaranger, the gender ratio is equal; out of the total 10 ToQgers Omega in this series, five are male and five are female.