Ryusei Sentai Starranger (流星戦隊スターレンジャー Meteor Force Starranger) is a space sentai show that is not kyuuranger (and therefore, features little to no hamsters, raptors, doggos, robot josukes, stand users, ohtori tsurugis, dragon daddies, yossha luckys, space balls, kyutama dancings (seriously, is there any reason for ed dancings?), jark lives matters, and all that stuff). Instead, the plot-o of this... err... thing, is that "space is broken into factions and they're in war with e/o; it's up to the starrangers, 'chosen by space itself', to protect those innocent who don't want to go to war".

Characters Edit

I gotta make this before making the story.

Star Red | Mamoru Itou
Star Blue | Neel de Gray Star Yellow |
Star Green | Her Highness Princess Jade
Star Pink |
Star ?? |

Mecha Edit


star shuttle system

red shuttle

blue shuttle

yellow shutte

green shuttle

pink shuttle

sixth's shuttle

super shuttle

starranger robo

super starranger robo

greater starranger robo