The Railer Machines (レーラーマシン Rērā Mashin) are giant train-like vehicles that serve as the Railmen's mecha. They have the ability to become Railer Robos by either combining (Rail Rex, Rail Max) or transforming (Rail Knight).

History Edit

Under construction.

Railer Robo system Edit

Legend: *Piloted

  • Rail Rex
  • Steamer Railer
  • Magnet Railer
  • Elec Railer
  • Metro Railer
  • Shinkan Railer
  • Exceed Railer/Rail Knight
  • Twin Railers/Rail Max ⁂⁂
  • North Railer - Red, Purple, X ⁂
  • South Railer - Blue, Green, Yellow ⁂