Rail Rex! Rail Rex! -Formation completion announcement via the Rail Changer

Complete, Rail Rex! -The Railmen announcing thecompletion

Rail Rex (レールレックス Rēru Rekkusu) is the primary Railer Robo of the core Railmen. It is formed by the Steamer, Magnet, Elec, Metro and Shinkan Railers, which combine into Rail Rex when the Railmen give out the command Link Up: Rail Rex! (連結! レールレックス! Renketsu! Rēru Rekkusu).

Rail Rex is armed with the Rex Blade (レックスブレード Rekkusu Burēdo), which is used to perform the Railer Impact (レーラーインパクト Rērā Inpakuto) Last Stop attack where Rail Rex cuts the enemy in two.

Components Edit

Steamer Railer Edit

The Steamer Railer (スチーマーレーラー Suchīmā Rērā) is the personal Railer Machine of Rail Red, based upon a steamer locomotive.

Like Rail Red himself, the Steamer Railer has steam-based powers; it can perform the Steam Blinding (スチームブラインディング Suchīmu Buraindingu) attack, where it surrounds or "blinds" the enemy in steam coming from the Railer's Chimney, allowing any Railman to attack freely.

Other attacks include the Railer Bullet (), where it shoots energy bullets from the front.

Magnet Railer Edit

The Magnet Railer (マグネットレーラー Magunetto Rērā) is the personal Railer Machine of Rail Purple, based upon a Maglev train.

Mirroring Rail Purple's powers, the Magnet Railer possesses magnetic powers; these are used to attract or repel metallic objects to the Railer itself using the Charge Shift attack, where the charge of the Railer changes between positive and negative.

Elec Railer Edit

Elec Railer (エレキレーラー Ereki Rērā) is the personal Railer Machine of Rail Blue, based upon an electric train.

Metro Railer Edit

Metro Railer (メトロレーラー Metoro Rērā) is the personal Railer Machine of Rail Green.

Shinkan Railer Edit

Shinkan Railer (シンカンレーラー Shinkan Rērā) is the personal Railer Machine of Rail Yellow, based upon a Shinkansen.

Just like Rail Yellow, the Shinkan Railer is able to go at high speeds. Rail Yellow can ram this Railer at those high speeds against the enemy with the Speed Strike (スピードストライク Supīdo Sutoraiku) attack, as well as go at even higher speeds with the use of the Wheeler Railman Pass.