The Rail Changer (レールチェンジャー Rēru Chenjā) is the transformation device of the core Railmen. Like the rest of the Railmen's gear, it works with Railman Passes.

The Rail Changer allowed the Railmen to stop the supposed enemy threat while they were in the virtual world. While the Railmen escaped from the simulation and from the lab, they were still able to transform in the real world, as Emi has made a fully-functional version beforehand.

Overview Edit

In the middle of the Changer lies the Control Panel (), which has four buttons: Change, which allows the Railman to transform; Attack, which permits a Railman to perform a wide range of attacks; Summon, which allows the Railman to summon either his/her Rail Weapon or Railer Machines; and Giant, which allows for the flrmation of robotsm as w3ll as applying modifiers to the robo

Next to the Control Panel is the Pass Reader (), which reads and processes the data of a Railman Pass that is swiped. This allows the Changer to perform all tasks associated with the Railman Pass.

It is built using a special metal, which increases durability.

Functionality Edit

Transformation Edit

To transform, a Railman first presses the Change button on the Control Panel. Next, he or she mounts the Rail Changer into the Changer Brace, setting it to Fight Mode, followed by activating a Railman Pass. Then, the Railman calls out Full-speed Transformation! (全速変身 Zensoku Henshin), before scanning the Railman Pass into the Pass Reader. This prompts the Rail Suit to form around the Railman as the Railman Pass announces "Railman! Railman!" (レールマン! レールマン! Rēruman! Rēruman), completing the transformation.

Removing the Changer from the Changer Brace cancels the transformation.

Attacks Edit

To perform an attack, known as a Next Stop attack, the Railman presses the Attack button on the Control Panel once, before calling out the name of the attack he or she wishes to perform. Finally, the Railman swipes his or her Railman Pass to initiate the attack.

The procedure of performing a finisher, known as a Last Stop attack, is similar as above, but the Railman has to press the Attack twice instead of once; this works both in ground combats and robot battles.

Summon Edit

To summon his or her personal Railman Weapon, the Railman presses the Summon button on the Control Panel. Next, he or she activates his or her personal Railman Pass to then swipe it over the Pass Reader.

To summon the Railer Machines, the Railman first presses the Summon button on the Control Panel. Next, he or she activates the Whistle Railman Pass, to then swipe it over the Pass Reader.

Combine Edit

To combine Railer Machines into robots like Rail Rex, the Railman presses the Giant button on the Control Panel, then swipes the previously activated Coupling Railman Pass over the Pass Reader.