Power Rangers Beast Spark - story.

Because the thing has to have a story, right?

Ideas Edit


The king of ancientis decides to form a special taskforce to fight against evil - the Power Rangers Beast Spark. Their first mission is to find an artifact named the Golden Fang, which holds untold powers, before they fall into the wrong hands.

  • Have the rangers be assembled at once.
  • Give them three months to get to know more about each other and to practice.
  • Look for a fang thing and retrieve it before the evil ppl do.
  • The yellow ranger, being a NYC native, helps them search the thing throughout new york
    • At one point, the rangers face a giant monster, promting them to use the megazord.
  • Introduce the Gorilla Zord and the other Zords in the progress.
    • The Red Ranger, Gregor, has to search for the Gorilla spirit to further aid the rangers in their quest.
    • The rest of the rangers have to search the thing, while they plan to make a surprise for Gregor.
  • Later, they have to travel to London to track the thing.
    • As a native of London, the Red Ranger knows London more than the rest of the rangers do.
      • To prepare them, the Red Ranger trains the rest in how to travel the streets of London.
      • At one point, the red and violet rangers are using a bus to track the thing (a plot point taken from ZYUOHGER).
        • The red ranger asks something to Alice, the purple ranger.
      • Later, they are ambushed by the MOTW, promting the red ranger to defend the bus or something.
  • Introduce the GIFT thing from Zyuohger (confusing the rangers)
    • That thing has the same energy signature as the thing the rangers have looking for.
    • As soon as the rangers approach the thing, the thing activates and transforms into a humanoid thing.
    • Have the enemies test the thing first before using it on the rangers.
    • Next, they modify the thing's energy signature to match that of the Fang of the Ouroboros
    • Then, they use it on the rangers, greatly damaging them.
      • The whole thing can be activated when the rangers are in proximity of the GIFT thing.
    • Luckly, they don't give up (not even the purple ranger), and decide to fight back.
    • The GIFT thing is then destroyed by the Megazord - just like in the original ep of Zyuoh.
  • As soon as they find the thing, they find it on the hands of one of the villains,
    • The purple ranger manages to fetch the thing from its hands. The others help her.
    • They manage to snatch the golden fang
    • Lastly, the rangers defeat the villain.
  • At the end of the arc, they deal with yet another monstre. Somewhere else, ZA WARUDO KONO DIO DA sees the scene and rushes in and appears like a swhoosh.


After retrieving the Golden Fang, the Rangers meet a member of a secret society known as the Trinity, who is already a Ranger. Together, the team are tasked to find and destroy a monster that, according to the Trinity, poses an enormous threat to the world.

  • The sixth ranger appears, tells the others to "please retreat", stating that this is between him and the Trinity.
    • Because of this, the rangers decide what to do, considering that they don't have a monster to fight.
      • While considering that the monster might apprat again, the rangers decicde ti¿o go to the mall or something.
      • However, Gregor warns the rest of that "what if the monster comes back" scenario.
      • After they "take a day off", the guys ask about this za warudo guy.
    • The monster that ZA WARUDO TOKI YO TOMARE WRYYYYY faced before appears again. Th rangers go there.
  • Later, Gregor and his friends find ZA WARUDO again, fighting with the monster from before.
  • The monster almost subdues ZA WARUDO WRYYYYY, but the rangers help him.
    • ZA WARUDO initially refuses, but he later accepts. WRYYYYY
  • Have the sixth ranger introduce to the others. In a park.
    • "I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Gregor Lewis, and they are Rachel Martin, Pete Andrews, Rick Young and Alice Rodriguez. Yours?"
    • Afterwards, ZA WARUDO WRYYY takes the rest to venice to meet the other members of the trinity.
  • Later, the Power Rangers become allies with the Trinity in a mission to hunt an evil monster.
    • The green ranger suggests telling the kingu about this. wry The red ranger agrees.
    • The rangers go to the kingdomland and tells them about this.
      • Desu desu desu. The king approves and the additional ppl who gave the gorilla powers to the rangers appear, giving them something different. DO DO DO DO DO
  • While fighting a monster in Venice, a brown swoosh thing appears from Rick's body as he finishes the monster off.
  • At one point, Gregor and Alice are tasked to find a special something.
  • At another point, the rangers have to protect a special pair from danger.
    • This is to defend the ppl from the monster there.
      • Rachel, Pete, Rick and Alice happen to scort the whole thingu.
  • At the end of the arc, Mr. WRYYYY gets to face the monster one more time, this time with the help of the rangers.


The rangers are given a new mission: to stop a new enemy, who is able to read other's memories, before he finds the Whale Zord and uses it for himself.

  • The rangers have to find the Whale Zord before the bad guys do.
    • The blue ranger's swim-in-underwater ability leads her to search for the Whale spear, which is the key to activate the zord.
      • The monster once catches Rachel while she's deep underwater. Once in the ground, the blue ranger flops like an actual fish; the other rangers in the area, Pete, Rick and Alice, questions this. This is intended to reflect the scene in Zyuohger where Sela #flopslikeafish once the original ZA WARUDO catches a Sela instead of a Bang Rey.
    • Later on, the red and WRYYY rangers are carrying the spear thing. The bad guys are also wanting the thing.
      • As they go, both of them help each other while dealing with the monsters; for example, DIIOOOO helps Greg with the TOKI YO TOMARE-ing technique, which stops time.
      • As they clear the area, ZA WARUDO and ZA RED RANGER reach the area which has the keyhole for the whale-chan. Greg gives the key to "the one with the spirit of the whale", which is Mr. WRYYYYY. Mr. WRYYYYY uses the key to activate the whale zord, with Greg guarding him.
  • At a later point, the whale zord awakens and happens to be able to transform into its own warriorzord form. As well as combine into a giant robo - the equivalent of Wildo Tousai Dodeka Kingu.
  • At the end of this arc, Bangray's equivalent ends up living his final hours - as has his hand cut off and stolen by the so-called-cubal-guy and is killed by the WTDK-wannabe's finishing attacku. USHUUUUUUU.
    • Then the rangers are honored by the kings of the #ancientcivilization, then go into a party.


Rundown for now Edit

The Golden Fang saga Edit

Origins Arc

  • Five people are summoned to become rangers.
  • A small army of troopers interrupt them. Rachel defeats troopers via martial arts.
  • As they enter the second dimension, they are greeted by the civilization's masters.
  • They are given the equipment to become Power Rangers
    • They're also instructed about what everything the Power Rangers stand for
  • They are given a couple of weeks to get to know each other and practice
  • After a while, they give the rangers their first mission: Find the Golden Fang

The New York arc

  • The rangers start looking for the Golden Fang in New York City. Pete, the Yellow Ranger, helps the rest.
  • A monster appears. "You won't get the fang before we do, fools". As a result, they fight the monster and their minions.
  • A second battle takes place weeks later. This time, the rangers have to face a giant monster with their megazord.

Episode layout Edit

  • Episode 1. The awakening Part 1.
    • Prologue about the ancient civilization (yet unnamed).
    • Evil appears in the sagitark, wanting to invade earth.
    • The civilization's zyuohking asks one of his assistants to bring in the rangers.
      • The assistant delivers the letter.
    • The rangers are called into action.
      • First, the red ranger, alone in his house, recieves a letter.
      • Second, the blue ranger, during her training, recieves the same letter.
      • Yellow, the yellow ranger, cleaning the streets, recieves it
      • Green, the green ranger, in the library, recieves that same letter.
      • Lastly, the violet ranger, in class, recieves the letter.
    • The soon-to-be rangers are looking for ways to reach the place they must go to, which happens to pop up in the New York Central Park.
    • Meanwhile, the enemies spot the future rangers.
      • Once they think that they want to be escape, they decide to dispatch some of these henchmen.
    • The henchmen appear next to the rangers, who are next to the gate.
      • The blue ranger is able to deal with the henchmen.
      • The evil guys watch this from their ship.
    • The rangers go through the gate, into a new world that happens to be the civilization.
    • They watch that new land as they are greeted by its locals.
    • The locals guide them to the "king's room".
    • The king greets the soon-to-be rangers.
      • Welcome rangers.
  • Episode 2. The awakening Part 2.
    • The rest of the awakening arc.
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