Power Rangers Beast Spark - devices.

I mean, it's a Power Rangers show, right?

Morphers Edit

Beast Spark Morpher Edit

Is a wrist worn device which is colored silver. It has a Beast Gem inside it.

It has three buttons on its left side and one bigger button on its right side.

These three buttons on its left serve different functions each:

  • One is for morphing into a Beast Spark Ranger.
  • Another is for summoning the Zords.
  • The other is for summoning the Megazords.

The morphing call is "Spark Power!"

Trinity Spark Morpher Edit

Weapons Edit

Sidearms Edit

  • Beast Arrow: The sidearms of the core Beast Spark Rangers. It is a bladed bow, essentially.

Personal Weapons Edit

  • Eagle Blade: The personal weapon of the Red Beast Ranger. A sword/whip thing, it's basically the EagRiser from Zyuohger.
  • Shark Rod: The personal weapon of the Blue Beast Ranger, the Shark Rod is basically a rod with three modes: Javelin mode, Spear mode and Scythe mode.
  • Lion Launcher: The personal weapon of the Yellow Beast Ranger, the Lion Launcher is a shoulder-mounted bazooka.
  • Elephant Hammer. The personal weapon of the Green Beast Ranger, the Elephant Hammer is a large warhammer fashioned after an elephant's foot.
  • Tiger Claw.