Power Rangers Beast Spark

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Acording to legend, there was an item of untold power called the Spark of the Beasts, which is said to embody the will of the animals of the Earth. It was the power source of an ancient yet advanced civilization which was erased from all history records, fading into the darkest of obscurities.

In the present day, an army of evil aliens arrive at Earth to retrieve the Spark of the Beasts and use it for their own means; they swore to stop at nothing to obtain this item.

To counter this, five young people from today's world -a reddie red, an Air Forces pilot, a former thief, a librarian and a high school student- are chosen to guard the Spark of the Beasts from the evil aliens. Unbeknownst to them, they are the descendants of the five power warriors who defended the ancient civilization from these evils. They are given special powers derived from the Spark of the Beasts, as well as special training to better fend of the impending threat. This allows them to become the Power Rangers Beast Spark, a special fighting force ready to defend the Earth and its lifeforms.

As they fight the evil aliens, the Rangers discover many things about their ancestry that they don't know.

Characters Edit

. Beast Rangers .

Red Beast Ranger | Gregor Lewis

Blue Beast Ranger | Rachel Martin

Yellow Beast Ranger | Pete Andrews

Green Beast Ranger | Rick Young

Violet Beast Ranger | Alice Rodriguez

Allies Edit

The king of the tribe.

Rick's friends at the library.

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- foes -

- megazords -

Beastzord System

Beast King Megazord

- music -

Episodes Edit

  1. The awakening, Pt 1
  2. The awakening, Pt 2

Notes Edit

  • The season's name comes from the "Allspark", a cube-shaped artifact present in the Transformers movie franchise. The reason is simple: Zyuohgers have cubes, while the Allspark is a cube.