The Magnet Barrier (マグネットバリア) is Rail Purple's personal Rail Weapon, a shield that can be used for magnetic attacks, control gravity, among other things.

Funcionality Edit

On its own, the Magnet Barrier's Front Shield () portion can be used in various ways, like defense against most attacks and bashing enemies. However, it can also be used for magnetic-based attacks by pressing the Mag Trigger () located behind the Shield.

Moreover, the Front Shield can be rotated 180 degrees to change between Atract Mode () to Repel Mode (), depending on which side of the Shield is up. Upon changing modes, the Magnet Barrier announces "Atractioj!)(" or "Repel(), depending on the mode the Barrier is in.

Pressing and holding the Mag Trigger after two seconds causes the Magnet Barrier announce "Extension as it starts the Extension Period, where the Barrier charges energy for 10 seconds tops. Releasing the Trigger makes the Barrier announce "Release" ( as it releases the energy stored during the Extension Period. This allows Rail Purple to perform special magnetic attacks

Scanning a previously activated Railman Pass (Tokkyu Sentai Railman) over the back of the barrier allows for a Last Stop finishing atgack.

List of attacks Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Magnet Barrier is a play on "Bar magnet" - a Bar Magnet is a type of Magnet.