Kotaro Nishino () is Rail Red (レールレッド Rēru Reddo), the leader of the Railmen.

Personality notes Edit

  • Is a bit hot-headed.
  • Is prone to be disappointed a bit too easly.
  • Is sometimes a prankster

Design notes Edit

  • Colors are red, black, white and silver.
  • Undersuit is red and white separated by black subway map-like lines.
  • Chest armor is black, silver and white/red with a design inspired by
  • railroad
  • front of a train
  • Shoulder pads' design reflects chest armor's design.
  • Knee and elbow pads have an hexagonal shape.
  • Cuffs of boots and gloves have same subway map-like lines as the undersuit.
  • Boots and gloves are red.
  • Helmet is red with silver parts and a black visor, and features a train conductor-like design.

Arsenal Edit