Kenjin Sentai DaiStriker (剣神戦隊ダイストライカー Kenjin Sentai Daisutoraikā, translated into english as Sword-god Squadron Great Striker) is umm yet a nother fantoku season from this guy... #masaka he's at it again? wth m8 de gozaru ka? DaiStriker's motifs include Samurai, fantasy and technology, while its themes include morality and perseverance.

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Kenjin. Spirits who fought alongside the samurai back in the Warring States period. They now return to the battlefield as new menaces threaten the present-day world, calling forth five youths to fight as the modern-day samurai.

In the Warring States period, there were supernatural spirits named Kenjin who fought alongside the samurai for local power. However, a menace in the form of giant creatures, known as the Kyoshin, threatened the entirety of the country. These creatures went on to devastate the Land of the Rising Sun; as a result, many Kenjin died, but other Kenjin survived.

Now, in the 21st century, some of the surviving Kenjin return from hiding as a new menace threatens the now blooming Japan. To counter this, these Kenjin have to join forces with five young people; together, they form the peerless "modern day samurai", known as the Kenjin Sentai Daistriker.

As time passes, the DaiStrikers have to deal with all kinds of threats, including an evil army of human-sized monsters bent on dominating the world, the ever enormous and savage Kyoshin, a paramilitary army who wants to seize control of Japan, and Kenjin who want to defeat the DaiStrikers. Despite this, the DaiStrikers have to stay on their feet and keep fending off these menaces if they want to save not only themselves, but the entire world as well.

Characters Edit

DaiStrikers Edit

Known as the modern-day samurai, the DaiStrikers are actually a joint effort between young warriors and spirits known as Kenjin. They start off with five members, but they are joined by a hired monster killer and a duo of flying women known as the Winged Sisters.

Designation Roles
SuzakuStriker Tori Minamoto and FlameSuzaku
ShishiStriker Rin Taira and TerraeShishi
ToraStriker Suzie Uesugi and CelesTora
SeiryuStriker Hiroki Saito and HydroSeiryu
GenbuStriker Shogo Oda and JunGenbu
DemonStriker Keisuke Toyotomi and RaiDemon
TenmaStriker Runa Fujiwara and StarTenma
GarudaStriker Sanae Tachibana and SolarGaruda

Allies Edit

Kyoshin Edit

These vicious giants once devastated Japan during the Warring States period, rendering many Kenjin missing or dead. They return in the modern-day Japan to devastate Japan once again, only to be challenged by the DaiStrikers.

Demon Emperors SeKaiser Edit

An empire of alien invaders, the SeKaisers arrive to the Earth in order to dominate it just like they invaded many planets before. Over time, the SeKaisers send numerous Kaiser Agents to fight the DaiStrikers who stand in their way.

Greater Japanese Liberation Forces (GJLF) Edit

They are an illegal guerrilla that claims to "liberate" Japan from the current government. They partake in acts of terror and spread of pro-GJLF propaganda. The DaiStrikers are asked by the authorities to dissolve the GJLF alongside the police. The GJLF are enemies with the SeKaisers, leading to a strife between the two.

Enemy Kenjin Edit

Throughout the journey, the DaiStrikes encounter many Kenjin who oppose the DaiStrikers and their Kenjin allies, who have to no choice but to bring down these Kenjin enemies.

Arsenal Edit

Transformation Devices -changer Kenjin Riser -sixth's super changer -wing's other changer

Weapons -God-Downing Gun-Sword Daicalibur (神撃銃剣ダイキャリバー)

-Suzaku Slasher (Hellfire)

-Shishi Hammer (Seismic)

-Tora Dagger (Tornado)

-Seiryuu Shooter (Tidal)

-Genbu Defender (Jungle)

Mecha Edit

Tetsu Kenjin System Edit

Bearing the likeness of the Kenjin, these beats of iron are part of a plan conceived by the Kenjin as "the answer to the Kyojin". The Tetsu Kyojin can combine into giant humanoid robots to battle the Kyojin fairly.

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