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Ken Watanabe (Watanabe Ken) is a guardian of the Imperial House of Japan, tasked to protect and serve Himiko. For this purpose, he assumes the secret identity of Kamen Rider Shinobi(仮面ライダーシノビ Kamen Raidā Shinobi).

As Kamen Rider Shinobi Edit

Kamen Rider Shinobi's forms, known as "Kei" (形 Kei, lit "Form"), grant him a variety of powers, like increased defense and super speed. Some of the Kei are element-powered (Rekka, Koutetsu), while others work best under certain conditions (i,e. Mangetsu, Shingetsu).

Each Kei is accessed by using its corresponding Ninjutsu Scroll with the Ninjutsu Driver.

Mangetsu Shinobi Kei

Mangetsu Shinobi Kei (満月シノビ形 Mangetsu Shinobi Kei lit "Full Moon Shinobi Form") is Shinobi's default Kei, accessed with the Mangetsu Shinobi Scroll. His strength and defense are balanced, yet he possesses super-speed due to him being a ninja. However, this Kei works better at night than it does at daylight, as his overall power increases two-fold during night time; moreover, this Kei get even stronger under a full moon, hence its name.

Rekka Shinobi Kei

Rekka Shinobi Kei (烈火シノビ形 Rekka Shinobi Kei lit "Wild Fire Shinobi Form") is Shinobi's strenght-focused Kei, accessed with the Rekka Shinobi Scroll. In this Kei, Shinobi has far greater strength than his other standard Kei, yet he has lower defense than them. Additionally, this Kei grants shinobi the ability of pyrokinesis, allowing him to control fire for close and ranged attacks.

Raiden Shinobi Kei (雷電シノビ形 Raiden Shinobi Kei lit "Lightning Shinobi Form") Raiden Shinobi Kei Lightning-fast, three times the speed of Mangetsu

Koutetsu Shinobi Kei (鋼鉄シノビ形 Koutetsu Shinobi Kei lit "Steel Shinobi Form") Koutetsu Shinobi Kei

Defenses like mad. Also shinier.

Shingetsu Shinobi Kei

Shingetsu Shinobi Kei (新月シノビ形 Shingetsu Shinobi Kei lit "New Moon Shinobi Form")

Worksbest umder a newmoon


Muteki Shinobi Kei (無敵シノビ形 Muteki Shinobi Kei lit "Invincible Shinobi Form") is Shinobi's final form.

Stringer thab hus other Kei but drains him of his energy

Arsenal Edit

Personality traits Edit

  • Ken is non-charlant, serious and direct.
  • While he is usually more gentle and respectful towards his superiors, Ken takes a more violent approach against his enemies.
  • Ken is always dedicated to his mission to protect and serve Himiko, and never lets anyone or anything get in the way.
  • He also dedicates his life to train as a ninja, under the belief that "the word 'Shinobi' is written with 'Blade' and 'Heart'", a belief taught by his master that means "the skills of a shinobi are an important part of his being".

Design traits Edit

  • Overall suit design is partially inspired by Hurricanger/Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  • Torso, gloves and boots are colored according to his Kei.
  • Undersuit should be black.
  • His forms' colors are dark and not bright, considering a ninja's non-flashy attitude.
  • Arms and neck have chainmail design.
  • Like Shinobi's original design from Kamen Rider Zi-O, his compound eyes are neon green; this is shared across his forms except Shingetsu, which has purple compound eyes.