Cpl. Kenshiro Nagasaki (ナガサキ ケンシロー伍長Nagasaki Kenshirō Gochō), also known as either Ken (ケン) or Ken-chan (ケンちゃん) is Yellow Cosmo (イエローコスモ Ierō Kosumo) of the Cosmomen.

As Yellow Cosmo Edit

Due to his nature as the Orc Star Human, his emotions play an important factor in how powerful Ken is as Yellow Cosmo; the angrier he is, the stronger he becomes. As such, once he gets furious, he is seemingly unstoppable. Ken eventually learns to control his emotions, improving his fighting abilities.

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-1-003 Orc Cosmo Card - His personal Cosmo Card.
  • CMG-2-001 Cosmo Transer - Used to transform and to perform attacks.
  • CMG-3-003
  • CMG-4-001 Cosmo Buster
  • CMG-4-002 Cosmo Arrow
  • CMG-5-003 Cosmo Brawler

Attacks Edit

  • With the Orc Cosmo Card
  • Fury rush - Yellow Cosmo throws a rapid "rush" of punches at the opponent. The more furious Yellow Cosmo is, the more powerful the blows.
  • With the Medusa Cosmo Card
  • Medusa eye - Turns the opponent into stone for 30 seconds, rendering it susceptible to become shattered -or worse, turned into sand- as a result.
  • Serpent rush - Hurls a big ammount of snakes to the opponent, with them sticking to -and damaging- the latter.

Personality Edit

Key traits Edit

  • Starts as a hot-head, cools down as the series goes on.
  • He is really competitive, not wanting to lose to anyone in many things.
  • As such, he can be frustrated whenever he loses to someone in those many things.
  • Ken has this "mess with my friends, mess with me" mentality.
  • This is likely the result of the death of his friend.
  • When it comes to Sarah, he oftens speaks to her in a formal, suave tone; he justifies it because "chicks dig that or something".
  • Thanks to his relationship with Sarah, Ken becomes somewhat skilled in persuading women over the course of Cosmoman, giving Ryoma advice about trying to get his woman.
  • Actually a bit forgetful.
  • Ken thinks he is the greatest, willing to show off just to prove it.
  • True to his nature as a Orc Star Human, he has a thirst for war.
  • Otherwise he's quite clumsy, yet honest.

Backstory Edit

  • Has his best friend in school killed by the Medusa general thingy; he wants to do the same to said general thingy in revenge.

Other stuff Edit

  • Short messy black hair.