Cpl. Jennifer Wilson (ウイルソン・ジェニファー伍長 Uiruson Jenifā Gochō), also known as Jenny (ジェニー), is Blue Cosmo (ブルーコスモ Burū Kosumo) of the Cosmomen.

As Blue Cosmo Edit

Inspired by "the galloping of the Pegasus", Blue Cosmo's specialities are kicking and speed, able to perform powerful attacks like flying and roundhouse kicks. As a Pegasus Star Human, Blue Cosmo has the ability to fly. Blue Cosmo also takes full advantage of her nature as a Star Human, using her light powers to blind enemies and teleporting effectively.

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-01-002 Pegasus Cosmo Card - Jenny's personal Cosmo Card.
  • CMG-02-001 [[[Cosmo Transer (Seijin Sentai Cosmoman)|Cosmo Transer]] - Used to transform and perform attacks.

Attacks Edit

  • With Cosmo Transer
  • With Pegasus Cosmo Card
  • Speed Dash: Blue Cosmo charges Star Energy, to then dash against multiple enemies at super speed.
  • Miracle Gallop: Jenny's signature Takedown attack as Blue Cosmo. She channels Star Energy into her feet, then runs at the enemy, and jumps to deluver a flying kick with both feet. As she flies, Star Energy constructs of wings form from her back; Jenny forms them by choice, to demonstrate that she is the "Pegasus Star Human".
  • Miracle Dance-off: a Takedown attack shared with Beat Cosmo, where both she and Blue Cosmo take turns in performing powerful kicks against the enemy.

Personality Edit

Key traits Edit

  • She's very proud of her status as a Star Human, and firmly believes that Star Humans are capable to achieve the common good.
  • She's willing to defend those beliefs herself; she's even willing to fught tooth and nail for that end.
  • She gets rather excited when someone mentions Star Humans; likewise, she loses it when someone heavily disses either (or both) Star Humans and her status as such.
  • Additionally, she gets excited the moment she sees a fellow Star Human or when someone tells her that a fellow Star Human is here.
  • She tends to drag along others in her schemes.
  • Becomes attached to someone (i.e. Cole) after a while.
  • She has a good fashion sense, and likes to care about her appearance.
  • Sprinkles her speech with different languages (like a Mastaa that happens to be a snek), as she is fluent in all those languages (including Esperanto, the official language of that galactic trade thing).

Other Stuff Edit

  • Her goal as a Cosmoman: to inspire and empower Star Humans around the universe.
  • Light brown wavy hair, brown eyes.
  • Favourite type of music: 70s music, specially disco (even though she's into Prog Rock like Cole).
  • Favourite food: chocolate, specially bitter
  • Favourite color: light blue
  • Favourite animal: eagles
  • Least favourite animal: bat ba-bat! FIRE! *firework noises*
  • Hobbies: reading, jogging, travelling around the world(s), watching horror/suspense and romantic movies.