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ideas Edit

  • kyojin appear at early. Kyojin ka?
  • monster studies the source of the daistriker's powers, then becomes a daistriker himselfie.
  • sekaizers first to appear
  • dangerwoman faces and clashes with shishistriker from time to time
    • dangerwoman was a jnla member when she met shishistriker
  • final evil is greater evil, kills all four main enemy forces of daistrikers
  • sixth works for illegal kaiju hunter guild, which later becomes in prision
    • sixth hates kaiju anyways
      • sixth is free instead, and works for the police instead
  • sixth wants to destroy the ones who killed his parents
    • he finds out that one of them is his mother
      • sixth struggles, until he 'lets go' of his mama
        • maybe that could be an entire arc, but which saga would it belong to?
  • the voice of the daistriker's arsenal appears in the flesh to help the daistrikers themselves with something?
    • i wonder what could it be...
  • hydroseiryuu and hiroki (blue ranger) met each other before the recruitment
    • he also explains his backstory
  • the sekaisers learn how to giantize their monsters to the size of the kyojin

rundown as of now Edit

  • 1. kenjin are told to recruit 5 people, who are total strangers between themselves
    • ep 1. the daistriker's first fight is with a basic human sized monster
    • ep 2. footsoldiers are indroduced
  • 2. the first enemies are the sekaizers, who send out an emmisary to deal damage to people. daistrikers go to stop them and face the foot soldiers to then impact the main emmisary to death
  • 3. kyojin ka? the kyojin appear and begin terrorizing the ppl, but now our ppl has the answer to that menace! kyojinstriker kensan! after a small battleru with another sekaizer emisaryais, that is.
  • ?. They are recruited to deal away with the liberaion forces.
  • ?. The sixth (gorden) appears and kensans.
  • ?. The wing sisters suisan - later on, WING RAIDEN SUPER MEGAZORDSTRIKER.
  • ?. The big boss appears at the final arc, ready to battle the DaiStrikrs

arcs Edit

Invasion Saga

  • Awakening arc
    • Episode 1. The DaiStrikers' first fight.
    • Episode 2. The Seikaisers' army of infantry.
  • Giant beasts arc
    • Episode 3. The answer to the KyoJin

Grand Storm Saga

New Lands Saga

All Star War Saga

Endgame Saga