The Cosmoman Gear (Kosumoman Gia) system is the arsenal of the Cosmomen.

Each item has a Serial Code:


with "CMG" being an abbreviation of "Cosmoman Gear", the second "X" corresponding to the category number, and the last three numbers for each individual item (i.e. Cosmo Transer).

Overview Edit

Categories Edit

The items are categorized according to their type, such as Cosmo Cards, Transers, Machines, etc.

Category 1: Cosmo Cards Edit

Main article: Cosmo Cards (Seijin Sentai Cosmoman)

The Cosmo Cards are the cornerstone of the Cosmoman Gear system, providing the Cosmomen with their powers.

They hold a different Star Energy each, and are used in the various items in the Cosmomen's arsenal, like weapons, transers, etc.

Category 2: Transers Edit

The Transers are another important piece of the system. They harness the power of the Cosmo Cards, allowing to transform into battle, perform attacks and summon their machines, among other tasks.

There are several types of Terminals:

  • the Cosmo Transer, used by the core five Cosmomen,
  • the Shell Transer, Beat Cosmo and Street Cosmo's personal Transer, and
  • the Dial Transer, King Cosmo's own Transer.

One thing to note is that there are Transers not listed in this category, like those used by (evil army thing).

Category 3: Cosmo Suits Edit

The Cosmo Suits are also key items, as they not only provide the Cosmomen with protection, but also increase their Star Energy levels, strenghening them.

The Cosmo Suits are made of four components:

  • Cosmo Suit Body: Covers body and limbs. Made of a special pleather-like alloy named Cosmo Pleather.
  • Cosmo Suit Hand: Covers and strengthens hands for better punching power. Made of Cosmo Pleather, like the Suit Body.
  • Cosmo Suit Foot: Covers and strengthens feet for better kicking power and speed. Also made of Cosmo Pleather like the Suit Body.
  • Cosmo Suit Head: Helmet that also allows for communication and, with the Suit Head's visor, X-Ray vision, thermal vision, scanning for enemies and Star Energy signatures, and additional recognition features.

Category 4: Weapons Edit

The items in this category are useful to the Cosmomen in the line of duty. Some of them are standard-issue firearms like the Cosmo Buster and the Cosmo Arrow, while others are individual weapons like Beat Cosmo's own weapons, like the Cosmo Caster and (Beat Cosmo's magical staff ish thing).

Category 5: Cosmo Machines Edit

This category is made up of large machines used to fight enlarged creatures, among other things. Some of them can combine into humanoid robots like Cosmo Mega or (the other great robotto), while others can transform into their respective robot forms by themselves, like Beat Cosmo's own Comso Fever.