Sgt. Cole Rogers (ロジャーズ・コル軍曹 Rojāzu Koru Gunsō), also known as Cole (コル Koru) or Mr. Sergeant (軍曹さん Gunsō-san) by Ken, is a Feng Star Human serving as Red Cosmo (レッド コスモ Reddo Kosumo), the leader of the Cosmomen.

As Red Cosmo Edit

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-1-001 Feng Cosmo Card
  • CMG-2-001 Cosmo Transer

Attacks Edit

  • With Cosmo Transer
  • Rising Impact: A Takedown attack using the Feng Cosmo Card, Red Cosmo engulfs himself in flames to then charge at the enemy, perfoeming a powerful tackle against the latter.
  • Hunter Dash: In this attack, Red Cosmo leaps into the air, channels his Star Energy into his feet, and dashes against the enemy, delivering a kick while in a bird-hjnting position.
  • Hellfire Storm: An attack where Red Cosmo leaps into the air to summon a pair of flaming wings, which shoot a barrage of flames to the enemy.
  • With Cosmo Buster
  • Homing Blast: Red Cosmo fires a heat-seeking plasma bullet.
  • Dyna Blast: Red Cosmo fires a bullet where it explodes upon contact.
  • Takedown
  • Flame Break: Red Cosmo channels his StarEmergy into the Cosmo Buster to fire a powerful firebird-shaped blast that hits multiple enemies.
  • Multi Break: Red Cosmo fires a plasma bullet that continually splits until it hits the enemies.
  • Ray Break: Red Cosmo fires a ckntinuous stream of energy at the enemy.

Personality Edit

Key traits Edit

  • He is direct, serious and no-nonsense.
  • He expects his fellow Cosmomen to be efficient, with almost no room for mistakes.
  • He is selfless, willing to put his life on the line for the rest of people.
  • To that end, he ends up doing rather dangerous tasks by himself, leaving the others behind.
  • This propmts both his superior and his subordinates to get Cole, one way or another, to let his five Cosmomen go on those dangerous missions with him.
  • He is fully commited to his mission as an officer, trying to never letting anything personal get in the way.
  • Over the course of Cosmoman however, he opens up more and more to his five subordinates, specially regarding his feelings with Jenny.
  • He is otherwise respectful and does compliment someone when necessary.

Other stuff Edit

  • His goal as a Cosmoman: to preserve peace and justice for everyone, even if it cost him his life.
  • Short, slicked-back hair.
  • Catchphrase: "For peace in the universe!"
  • Favourite type of music: Prog. Rock / 70s rock.
  • Favourite food: Cheesecake.
  • Favourite color: Navy Blue.
  • Favourite animal: Elephant
  • Least favourite animal: Bat
  • Hobbies: Writing poems, fencing, riding elephants.