Cpl. Anastasia Romero (ロメロ アナスタシア伍長), known as Anne (アン An), or Anne-chan (アンちゃん Anchan) is Pink Cosmo (ピンクコスモ Pinku Kosumo) of the Cosmomen.

As Pink Cosmo Edit

Pink Cosmo's fighting style relies on precision and quick thinking. While she's able in close combat and hand-to-hand combat, Pink Cosmo is also a sharp-shooter, using not only the Cosmo Buster efficiently in combat, but also her own eyes to fire deadly energy beams capable to destroy anything.

Also, as a Sphinx Starhuman, he can stop someone from moving at will, releasing them as long as he or she answers her riddles.

Arsenal Edit

  • CMG-1-005 Sphinx Cosmo Card - Anne's personal Cosmo Card.
  • CMG-2-001 Cosmo Transer - Used to transform, perform attacks and access additional gear.
  • CMG-3-005 Sphinx Cosmo Suit - Pink Cosmo's personal Cosmo Suit, which strengthens her Star Energy
  • CMG-4-001 Cosmo Buster - Standard-issue firearm used by Pink Cosmo.
  • CMG-5-005 Cosmo Sol

Attacks Edit

  • With Cosmo Transer
  • Sphinx Cosmo Card
  • Sphinx's Judgment - Pink Cosmo's Takedown attack, where she summons a big Star Energy projection of a Sphinxs, which fires powerful energy beams from its eyes at the enemy.

Key Traits Edit

  • She appears as stoic and aloof, as well as easily unamused by anything.
  • She can be sharp-tounged, roasting allies and enemies alike. She is also sarcastic as well.
  • An-chan can be really curious, wanting to test anything while taking specific precautions.
  • Nonetheless, she is pretty smart and cautious about anything.
  • She is also wise, giving advice to her fellow Cosmomen from now and then.
  • She's a strategist, able to come up with plans concerning anything.
  • Likes to eat sweets, yet she is self-counscious about her weight.
  • She engages in physical activity whenever possible.
  • She's highly skilled in maths, geometry, algebra and the like.
  • She didn't have any friends during her time at school. Her reason was that she didn't want any unnecessary problems.
  • She did have one friend, a Kitsune Star Human named Sakimi (who #SpoilerAlert joins the corps halfway in the series); she decided to become friends with her since "it doesn't hurt to try", becoming her closest friend as a result.
  • Thanks to Sakimi, Anne-chan is more sociable than she was before they met.

Other stuff Edit

  • Her reason to be a Cosmoman: because it was a "logical answer".
  • Long black hair, straight fringe; she wears her hair in a variety of styles, however.


  • Favourite type of music: Indie Rock music, like OK GO and The Editors, for example.
  • Favourite food: crepes (or anything sweet, really).
  • Favourite color: pink.
  • Favourite animals: rabbittanks
  • Least favourite animals: crocodiles.
  • Hobbies: solving crossword puzzles, solving math problems, riddles, Rube Goldberg machines.