Name is --- (romina).

Physical stuff Edit

  • She's tall - her height is around 5,5ft / 1,67cm.
  • She's also pretty fit.
  • Blonde; mid-lenght wavy hair with side-swept bangs.
    • She wore her hair in a short messy bob at age 16.
  • She has heterochromia; her left eye has a deep red-colored iris with some sort of design, while her right eye has a normal blue iris.
    • However, she has said condition thanks to an accident where she lost her left blue eye at age 16; as a result, she was offered the red eye -proper name unknown- as a reward.

Personality stuff Edit

  • She's confident, taking pride in her natural abilities to perform any task possible.
    • She claims that she doesn't need any external weapons, like swords, arrows, etc.
  • She is also a hard-working one, stating that she needs to work for a living.
    • She also trains on a nearly daily basis.
  • She's willing to help others when needed.
  • She's into "fiery" stuff.
    • She tends to wear orange-y colors often.
    • She has a crush on the "shonen guy"'s fiery personality.
    • Her element of choice happens to be fire.
  • She tends to psychologically destroy opponents.
  • She loves to rip the fourth wall to shreds.
  • She also narrates the whole story.

Abilities stuff Edit

  • She's proficient in basic elemental manipulation, like fire, water, air, earth, lightning, wood and metal.
    • She can perform these by just focusing or by spoken incantations.
  • She's proficient in the "Arcane Arts", where she can perform stuff using "Arcane circles".
  • Also, she has a certain mastery of "inhuman arts", where she can perform spells that "affect the body of one's self".
    • The arts' corresponding techniques are performed by spoken inchantations.
    • This is thanks to her left eye; she has it since she was 16 due to an accident.
    • However, this set of techniques seems to exhaust her pretty badly with excesive use.
    • The list of techniques belonging to the "inhuman arts"
      • Duplication - allows her to clone herself (or more precisely "duplicate her body"), with each clone operating independently from one another.
      • Speed traveling - allows her to travel faster than usual, with her perception of time slowed down.
      • Gravity negation - with this, she is capable to levitate, or even fly. Unfortunately, she can stay airbone for a limited time.
      • Body phasing - she is able to "demolecularize" her body for both defense and additional transportation.